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Sonergy Partnerships with NULS/Nerve.

NULS/Nerve is excited to announce a collaboration between the two projects of NULS/Nerve and Sonergy.

Sonergy is a blockchain-based data integrity protocol that connects businesses, researchers, and data providers to access quality and trustless data that will inform their strategic business decisions.

Their mission is to revolutionize the data ecosystem by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to address the issue of low quality and unverified data experienced by business enterprises. Considering that people are at the forefront of the data collection process, Sonergy also incentivizes people to supply accurate responses to the researcher

Overview According…

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About Sonergy

Many organisations across the globe are currently struggling to get accurate and quality data insights that they need to remain competitive. As a result, cutting edge technologies such as blockchain are necessary for use; to ensure that data is designed to benefit all sides of the research continuum. Consequently, Sonergy deployed a data integrity protocol as a solution to collect and analyze the right data to inform actionable insights.

The Sonergy Team is excited to announce the launch of their Data Integrity protocol, a Blockchain-based market intelligence solution that combines new job creation with decentralized research token sale beginning from…


A blockchain-based data integrity protocol that serves industries reliable data gathering for business decision making purposes and rewards human daily efforts

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