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2 min readApr 28, 2021

We are thrilled to be working in the nearest future with Cardano, one of the most and super interesting project in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and a home to $ADA; A cryptocurrency, which can be used to send and receive digital funds in the world today.

As one of the cardano African Startup partners , we hope to use cardano platform to help accelerate our blockchain solutions for Africa " that’s focused on data integrity when given the opportunity”

The future wealth of the world is data but how do you know which data to rely on? In an era where business and research institutions rely on data to make billion dollar decisions. They can’t afford to get it wrong.

Hence, we at sonergy protocol have deployed a solution for the market research industry at - a blockchain-based data integrity protocol that connects businesses, researchers, and data providers to access quality and trustless data that will inform their strategic business decisions.

Moreso, its our missions to revolutionize the data ecosystem by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to collect, organize and analyze data in a decentralized manner. Above all offering data privacy, providing job opportunities and financial incentives to data providers/validators to gain access economic and financial inclusion in line with the one of the SDG's

Cardano as we know has a unique approach to deliver the above said in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, that’s commissioned out of data results built on scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research and today empowering many and creating financial inclusion across boards.

These is evident how powerful the data ecosystem can fuel the world’s wealth creation.

Working with Cardano, we believes in future we can create a heterogeneous data network using Cardano's RINA technology which promises to provide data Privacy, Transparency, Scalability and interoperability across chains for Africa and to the rest of the world .

So join us at, your one stop shop protocol for defi-data management, Streamlined, quality, affordable, Validated, and verifiable data ecosystem , together let’s partner to create a future where the world’s data, and its wealth, is decentralised, reliable,

fair and inclusive for all.

Author by Faith Titus the founder and CEO of Sonergy Protocol and the co-founder of Blockchain Nigeria User.

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Authored by our CEO Faith Titus Sonergy Protocol, and also Cofounder Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

Sonergy Data Technologies

A blockchain-based data integrity protocol that serves industries reliable data gathering for business decision making purposes and rewards human daily efforts