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3 min readJan 14, 2021
About Sonergy

Many organisations across the globe are currently struggling to get accurate and quality data insights that they need to remain competitive. As a result, cutting edge technologies such as blockchain are necessary for use; to ensure that data is designed to benefit all sides of the research continuum. Consequently, Sonergy deployed a data integrity protocol as a solution to collect and analyze the right data to inform actionable insights.

The Sonergy Team is excited to announce the launch of their Data Integrity protocol, a Blockchain-based market intelligence solution that combines new job creation with decentralized research token sale beginning from now.

Our mission is to revolutionize the data ecosystem by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to collect, organize and analyze data in a decentralized manner.

Who can use Sonergy? :- Research commissioners have access to a large pool of skilled and competent sources, covering diverse sectors and countries across the globe, allowing them access to any information needed to address business questions. All system players, such as companies, individuals, analysts, students, researchers, scientists and institutions can initiate and create research queries using the Sonergy token to make payment. While the respondents can provide data and respond to research queries, and validate data to earn Sonergy tokens. The platform facilitates job creation by connecting incentivized researchers with businesses in need of high quality, blockchain-verified data.

Sonergy’s Solution

Sonergy offers the following solutions utilizing blockchain technology:- Data Integrity, Data collection and aggregation onchain, Streamlined and affordable data, Decentralized data Validated, Quality, verifiable data, Data privacy and security, Data generation and incentives by/for humans and not bots.

Sonery Token

The Sonergy platform is also fueled by its native token, Sonergy (SNEGY); which is used to reward and incentivize respondents and validators for completing research queries and performing other tasks launched by research commissioners. Sonergy also offers profitable income opportunities for Sonergy token holders who participate in the SNEGY Staking liquidity program to earn up to 40% annual percentage yield (APY) of Sonergy tokens and other prospective project partner tokens.


Token Supply/Projected Initial Market Capitalization 21,000,000 SNEGY non-mintable token.

Token Sale Live

Send your ETH/USDT to the below presale address.



Minimum contribution per Wallet: $50

Maximum contribution per wallet $20,000

SALE — Duration

Token for Sale: 6,300,000
PRICE: $0.10

No Softcap, Hard Cap


In the DEFI world 🌎 access to a trustless Data determines your winnings in the space, hence $SNEGY a good buy.
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Price: and vesting/lock up period

Uniswap Liquidity: 60% Liquidity Lock for 6 months

Team Token lock for 12 months with 10% monthly release

12% Reserve token locked for 3years

Dev Token lock for 3 months with 20% monthly release

10% Marketing with 5% -no lock, release after presale

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Sonergy Data Technologies

A blockchain-based data integrity protocol that serves industries reliable data gathering for business decision making purposes and rewards human daily efforts