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3 min readMar 1, 2021

Sonergy Partnerships with NULS/Nerve.

NULS/Nerve is excited to announce a collaboration between the two projects of NULS/Nerve and Sonergy.

Sonergy is a blockchain-based data integrity protocol that connects businesses, researchers, and data providers to access quality and trustless data that will inform their strategic business decisions.

Their mission is to revolutionize the data ecosystem by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to address the issue of low quality and unverified data experienced by business enterprises. Considering that people are at the forefront of the data collection process, Sonergy also incentivizes people to supply accurate responses to the researcher

According to, market research industry global revenue exceeded 73.4 billion USD in 2019. Yet, the market research industry continues to face a range of challenges. Companies often receive incomplete or incorrect data hindering businesses’ ability in today’s data business ecosystem. SMEs and entrepreneurs struggle to get the quality data insights they need to stay competitive. As a result, cutting edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning features necessary for use; to ensure these data are designed to benefit all sides of the market research continuum.

Sonergy protocol- as a solution, provides a new methodology for businesses to mine and analyze real actionable data to align and implement informed business strategies. Thereby enabling researchers to create qualitative and quantitative questionnaires with tailored research scope, and a robust analytics system and make data accessible through a decentralized smart contracts.
Given the above, integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence help the reseatchers, respondents’ and validators gain trust and provide access to quality, secured, validated and verifiable data via Sonergy providing the following .

Sonergy offers the following solutions utilizing blockchain technology
- Data Integrity
- Data collection and aggregation onchain
- Streamlined and affordable data
- Decentralized data
- Validated, Quality, verifiable data
- Data privacy and security
- Data generation and incentives by/for humans and not bots.

How it Works
Sonergy offers a comprehensive network of three key players, including research commissioners (data collectors), respondents and validators who interact through a blockchain-based consensus mechanism. The Sonergy protocol has no restrictions in terms of the methodology or metrics to be used. People can commission research from anywhere in the world, adapt their scope of research and create qualitative or quantitative questionnaires. In addition, they can also use any metrics of their choice to get a better perspective of any market size and target audience. Moreso, the research commissioners have access to a large pool of skilled and competent sources, covering diverse sectors and countries across the globe, allowing them access to any information needed to address business questions. However, all system players such as companies, individuals, analysts, students, researchers, scientists and institutions can initiate and create research queries using the Sonergy token to make payment. While the respondents can provide data and respond to research queries, and validate data to earn Sonergy tokens. A smart contract will constantly process these data to ensure that only validated and authenticated sources are considered and automatically submitted onchain.

The Sonergy Token (SNEGY) the protocol utility and non-mintable token, powered by Ethereum and NULS respectively for different usage. It has a maximum capped supply of 21m. The Sonergy Token is used to reward and incentivize research respondents and data validators for completing research queries and performing other tasks launched by research commissioners.

How To Earn On Sonergy
Anyone can earn on Sonergy, given that people are the forefront of any data collection and processes on the ecosystem by:-
- Completing research and survey queries
- Verifying and validating data
- Staking Sonergy Tokens
- Referral program (Coming Soon).

Sonergy also offers profitable income opportunities for Sonergy token holders who participate in the SNEGY Staking liquidity program to earn up to 40% annual percentage yield (APY) of Sonergy tokens and other prospective project partner tokens.

The Sonergy protocol is available to students, companies, and organizations that wish to initiate and conduct decentralized market research.

Sonergy is also offering a NULS SCO/POCM, as well as Nerve DEX Listing.
When asked why NULS ? The CEO replied, NULS/Nerve - A gateway to Sonergy global visibility and its token interoperability across four other notable blockchains through NULS MultiCrossChain technology.

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